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Mar 4, 2014 4:00am CST
's screams, four gunshots, and then a man yelling for help. the defense questioned her on the possibility of gunshots before she woke up and whether her recollection was accurate. pistorius says he shot and killed his girlfriend because he thought she was an intruder, in his bathroom. but prosecutors say this was a pre-meditated murder. c-p-s parents are finding themselves caught in the middle of the battle between teachers and administrators over standardized tests. nancy loo is *live with more information. >> good morning. the teachers' union has set a protest here at the school later this morning ahead of the testing. teachers at the school were among those to organize the boycott. all have supposedly said they will not administer these tests. but they are required by law to do so. it's just not clear how many students will actually take the test. >> the illinois standard achievement test is eight days long and some schools began the process yesterday. most elementary students across the state are expected to begin the testing this morning. it's not clear what will happen at the schoo
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am CST
marriage... and used an internet web site to meet women for discreet sex. the defense is challenging the way blood, gunpower residue, and other physical evidence against kustok was handled. testimony resumes this morning. a state audit is highly critical of governor quinn's anti-violence program, saying much of private schools or expel schools at a much higher rate than others. charter school student is 12 times more likely to be expelled and a student at a non charter school. critics say charter schools keep their scores high by expelling troubled students. the cpsc is a implementing programs to help struggling students resolve their conflict and stay in school. >> a group of students and teachers are calling for schools to skip the only achievement test next week. the coalition claims some 500 children at 29 schools will *not take the test next week. students at maria saucedo scholastic academy in the little village neighborhood are among those protesting the test. they say the i-sat test is *not being used for anything this year. the test is being replaced with a new test next y
Feb 28, 2014 4:00am CST
are questioning a woman in connection with the vandalism of several churches, and at least one mosque. defense attorneys for allan kustok are asking for a mistrial in kustok's murder case. the orland park businessman claims his wife anita shot herself to death, four years ago. prosecutors say her husband murdered her. the defense says kustok cannot get a fair trial, because his son zak publicly declared that he is not *supporting his father. chicago department of transportation has filled 200 thousand potholes so far this year. crews are on the street seven days a week working to repair the roads. and the city is putting additional crews on the job starting tomorrow. they are expected to fill an additional 15-hundred potholes a day. someone breached security and made what's believed to be the first video of the u-s supreme court in session. no cameras are allowed inside the supreme court, but an advocacy group pulled it off wednesday. they got a camera past security and metal detectors, and started recording from a back row in the audience. the group is pushing for campaign finance reform, af
Feb 27, 2014 4:00am CST
a lawsuit over what posted on if his book page. and the bulls' defense on the golden state offense. 20 days ago he hn oakland. last night all over him scoring just five points from the floor and the bulls win with ease. the top will be in the second quarter after the warriors' turn over the bulls are on the fast break and butler ticket all the way. back in action after missing a few games. besides shuddering curry he had some offense. the scoop shot and the fall. bulls are up by 11. then boozer stepped up. bulls are up by 20. he scores 15. it was left up to him to put the file in. he scores it is 21 and a cool them off the first time this year that scored 100 points in back-to-back games. blackhawks almost completely reunited. only two players miss practice. patrick kane and patrick sharp were back. all i have to do is shake off their jet lag and get ready for the rangers tonight. >> i think it will help more than anything plan some big games i think i improved as an individual after all the playoff games but when you play those big games on the stage, you tend to improve. >> the way we cam
Mar 3, 2014 4:00am CST
byrd bennett as an idle threat and union leaders are preparing a defense. >>the new leadership of ukraine is accusing russia of declaring war. an estimated six thousand russian troops effectively seized control of ukraine's crimean peninsula over the weekend. crimea is on the black sea, a major shipping lane for russian crude oil. the russians have surrounded three ukrainian military bases, and demanded that the soldiers inside surrender. russia's actions have sparked official condemnation from around the world, and protests among ukrainian americans. >> there will the cost to the economy of russia and to russian businesses and to russian individuals. ultimately i think russia will isolate itself on a global stage that had just spent $60 billion for the olympics to try to present a different face. >> the g-8 summit, scheduled in russia this summer, has been suspended in protest. chicago's local ukrainian community is calling on the united nations to take action against russia, before an armed senator durbin told a gathering of local ukrainians, a military response isn't current
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5